Revolutionising The Way Young India Invests

Over the last couple of years, there has been a massive adoption of digital payment systems in India, making it a lot more convenient to go about with basic financial services and investments. However, this information overload has left people in a confused state.

How to leverage digital payment systems?

Where should I invest as a beginner?

Where can I invest my money to get high returns?

What are the types of investments?

To help people answer these questions, Capizal came up with a revolutionary idea - PayGro that helps people save behind the scenes, without a second thought.

Invest your spare change with round-offs using PayGro.

Tell Us Your

Financial Goals, And

We Will Tell You The Best

Route To Achieve Them

Once PayGro knows about your expenses and financial goals, it will smartly split up your amount into savings and long-term investments.

With PayGro, you can turn your savings account into a growing account, and achieve your financial goals with less effort in a user-friendly mobile-first approach.




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Realising the need

From higher education to a dream car, from dream home to foreign vacations, from children’s marriage to early retirement, realising the need of investment and long-term wealth is the first stage of investment.

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From stocks to REITs, mutual funds to provident funds, pension plans to ULIPs, finding the right investment option is the second stage of investment.

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Choosing the right investment instrument, making a systematic investment plan, and regularly analysing your investments is the third and final stage of investment.

Unfortunately most people fail to successfully board the 2nd and 3rd stage of investments.

Board All Investment

Stages With PayGro

PayGro helps in all three stages of investments which helps people secure their present and future.

The role PayGro will play

Instant Round-Off

Access smart portfolios designed by experts that adjust automatically as you and your money grow.

Investment Suggestion Basis Risk Profile

Use data-driven tech that rounds- off, pick between a percentage, an amount or a custom choice at the time of transaction and invest your spare change.


Bill Payment and Recharge Services

Hedge your portfolio and minimise risks with solid risk-assessment strategies recommended by financial gurus.

Expense & Investment Tracking

Grow your money multifold and build long-term wealth by utilising banking and investing in one app.

Goal & Tax Calculations

Work towards a well defined goal that helps you plan your taxes smooth while you watch your money grow.

Take control of your budget and expenses, and

discover better ways to invest more.


We have partnered with India’s leading bank to offer top-notch support, services and flexibility to our customers.

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Invest every time you spend, with Real-Time Round-Offs,

Smart Deposits, and No Hidden Fees.

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